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AMAZING Project Management

Project Management for new Project Managers

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“Finally! A Step-By-Step Course Created Specifically For New Project Managers Like Yourself Who Want To Run Projects Effectively Right From Day One!”


Introducing - AMAZING Project Management:
Project Management For New Project Managers!

AMAZING Project Management is a complete training course dedicated to helping new project managers learn how to effectively and efficiently manage their own projects. This unique course is led by an expert Project Manager who’ll not only walk you through the complete life cycle of a project in detail, but you’ll also be given advice and tips on how to start off on the right foot from day one. These tips and steps will help you no matter the size of your overall project, big or small. You’ll also learn everything about the different roles in a project, how to give your project a boost when momentum comes to a standstill, learn good practice techniques and processes, and even learn how to finish a project by closing it down in the right way.

The AMAZING Project Management training course contains…

  • 17 EASY TO FOLLOW VIDEOS with over 2.5 hours of content. These are created from an experienced, accredited and trusted Project Manager!

  • 18 PRACTICAL ACTIVITIES that’ll help you put everything you learn into practice right away!

  • 22 RESOURCES that are easily downloadable and customisable!

“This breakthrough course is meant to help instruct and simplify the processes of being a new Project Manager, and to take away the stress and frustrations that are normally associated with being a new manager.”


Class Curriculum

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Your Instructor

Susan Tuttle
Susan Tuttle

My Personal Aim:

I help people to understand the change process, the roles they play in change and how they can encourage others through it.

About me:

Early in my career I was first asked to 'manage a project'. I was not asked because I was already a Project Manager, nor because I even knew what a project was, but because there was a desperate need for resources and they were literally asking anyone and everyone! I learned on the job, as I went a long. It turns out I was pretty good at it, but my early project history was pretty hit and miss. Sometimes it was good, sometimes not so much...

After a few years, I finally got some project management training. It helped give me credibility as I put some method behind my madness and my results improved. If only I had had someone to tell me all of this from the beginning, I could have saved myself so much frustration and fewer burnt bridges!

Over the years, I have become accredited in several best practise methodologies to get better and better at my own project management, as well as helping others improve with theirs.

I have designed this course to help you start off your project management career on the right foot. Enroll today to get access to over 2.5 hours of videos, 18 practical activities and 22 resources.

Author of 4 project management books:

Professional information:

MSc in Training and Development from Portland State University, BSc in Economics from Arizona State University.

AXELOS Accredited Trainer in MSP®, PRINCE2® and APMG Change Management.

Certified Practitioner in NLP, Life Coaching and EFT.

Other qualifications include ITIL®, APM®, MoP® and DSDM Agile Change Management.

The AMAZING things you will get from this course to help you become a better Project Manager:

17 video lectures of over 2.5 hours of content from an experienced, accredited Project Manager,

18 practical activities that put the learning into practice, immediately,

22 proven resources to use and re-use on all your current and future projects.

What previous students have said:

Jayesh Patel: These are good insights. These are very helpful to my work.

Julieta Jaku: The charts are excellent at capturing the content structure, the quizzes are hard enough.

Chris Niccolls: I really enjoyed these lessons, and the templates are really helpful. Not a fan of quizzes, though, but that's just me.

Daniel Lombard: Brilliant Course so far. I love the resources and the explanations are very clear. Perfect course for me as I am stepping into Project Management. I cannot wait to learn more. This is a course that I will recommend to any aspiring project manager or even experienced project managers!

Chee Ming Lim: Very detailed explanation with systematic delivery approach.

Chris Lewis: Really detailed and easy-to-understand class on project management.

Margo Phelpsman: That was a really good overview of project management. It covered a lot of things I'd forgotten or just got out of habit of doing. This was a nice reminder!

Mr. Jason Miller: Very thorough - Love the workbook as well.

Kelly Macrunnells: very clear, overview concepts are easy to grasp

Debra Wink: Ideas are clearly and concisely relayed with helpful diagrams and valuable information.

Ursula Morales: Very straight forward. My change documentation is nothing like this. Although I'm not sure I have the time to add all of this in, it does give A LOT of food for thought in how my company is approaching change!

Andrew Szymanski: Clear, straightforward, with no preamble or sidetracking. Tells you what you need to know. Pleasant voice too.

Ilaria Canova-Calori: Clear information.

Haitan Rachman: This course is very interesting and useful for anyone who wants to apply the project management approach to the projects.

Rand Wood: I found Amazing Project Management to be applicable to a broad range projects, whether carried out by an organization on a one-time basis or within a multi-project environment. It's a comprehensive, experienced based course that covers all aspects of carrying out a project successfully.

Vu Ngoc Linh: The trainer has a wide and deep knowledge about project management, and she explains it clearly and passionately. I think I may find the answer to my problems after this course.

Karen Anderson: The course has been extremely easy to follow.

Jai Coz: The instructor is incredibly knowledgable and is able to convey that knowledge in an interesting and engaging manner.

Mike Hammer: Clear guidelines in the introduction on the understanding of the basics of PM itself, with useful points to be aware of, including possible constraints and pitfalls. Highly recommended for including useful downloads to create your own personal project management templates.

Chrys Coletsis: Excellent course...easy to follow and sensible approach!!

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